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Travel Wine Chick РElizabeth Smith Consulting is excited to announce a supporting role as Director of Advertising Sales and contributing writer for Basil & Salt. I could not be more thrilled to assist publisher and editor Karie Engels in growing her dream of this print, digital, and online magazine. My goal is to lead the Basil & Salt Magazine sales team in establishing and growing long-term, creative partnerships with brands and advertisers.

Basil & Salt is filled with recipes, cocktails, wine, beer, and travel recommendations, focusing on the enjoyment of the gourmet lifestyle. The corresponding digital issues are beautifully interactive, taking readers directly to the sites of advertising partners and those featured in the magazine. The website, in harmony with the magazine, contains lighter content designed to complement the print and digital content.

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Below are my recent contributions to the online edition. Stay tuned for my first print article this month.

Wines for All Seasons

GoatHouse Brewing

Taste Maryland!

A Moment with Viticulturist, Vintner, and Winemaker David Parrish


GoatHouse Brewing

2017-08-27 10.49.33
I am from Asheville, North Carolina, which has more breweries per capita than any other city in the United States. My interest in craft beverages began years ago with beer, not wine. Thus, my first article about craft beer is long overdue. I am thrilled to share with you one of my favorite craft breweries, GoatHouse Brewing in Lincoln, Placer County, California. I have visited GoatHouse numerous times this past year, including a Sunday morning, Farm Yoga session in August 2017. It was an honor to interview co-owner, Catherine Johnson, for basil & salt, after my first experience of yoga among the brewery’s dairy goats.